Our Team

Karim ElBatouty

Executive Director
Karim ElBatouty has a solid 18 years of business experience working for reputable organizations with a track record working in Leasing and mortgage sectors.

Marwan Morsy

Credit Head
Marwan Morsy has a track record of success in all matters related to the credit and operations sector; employing his expertise in providing company-wide training on policies/best practices.

Mohamed Hawash

Treasury Head
For 12 years, Mohamed Hawash has been excelling as the treasury Head has to manage the liquidity of the business and monitor all cash flows , as well as ensuring that excess cash is properly invested.

Khalid Elzeini

Legal Head
A pioneer in the legal work related to the mortgage sector, with diverse experience and personal achievements for over 15 years. His experience is enforced with great managerial skills, meticulous supervision for all legal works and related matters.

Ramy Kotb

Operations Service Head
Ramy Kotb enjoys 14+ years of experience in his field, transferring his expertise in managing the Operations Service department through ensuring efficient workflow in the delivery process, the operational services in all business units and the execution of pre-set transactions.

Wael Mohamed

IT Head
Wael Mohamed has more than 20 years of experience in system analysis and programming for established Mortgage companies and mortgage processes, along with in-depth experience in major programming languages, operating hardware, and Software.